Testimonials from FireStone CFO’s Clients

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Hiring FireStone CFO was one of the best things Duet Design Group did! Finally, we had a trained professional handling financial matters. Not having to hire a full time CFO allowed our company to use our dollars most efficiently. Bravo to FireStone CFO and our thanks for helping us through the journey of growth!
— Lezlie Goldberg, Business Manager
Duet Design Group

In our financial modeling, financing ideation, equity strategy, and ERP implementation, FireStone CFO is a valued partner in growing our business both in scalability and sustainability.
— Bryan Schramm, Co-founder & COO
Liqid Inc.

Josh helped us build digestible models and forecasts for our business that really enabled us to have a more realtime sense of our performance month over month. Having this clarity has enabled us to make better decisions to scale the business. It’s also been excellent having a knowledgable fractional CFO that is super responsive and able to quickly understand the nuances of our business.
— Eric Dieter, Partner & COO
Movement Strategy

Jolene was a huge help in getting our revenue recognition process aligned with our accounting system so that we were accurately recognizing our annual and monthly recurring revenue.  We couldn’t have done it without her!
— Andy Alsop, CEO
The iPad Receptionist


Prior to working with FireStone CFO, we had outsourced our bookkeeping, accounting, and forecasting to another firm. FireStone CFO took our outdated, inefficient, and expensive financial processes and transformed them into an efficient, modern, and cost-effective machine. This has directly impacted our profitability in a substantial way, and I feel far more empowered to make informed business decisions.
— Dan Konigsberg, Founder & CEO


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